Service #1 Leadership Workshops


Deliverable: Excited, Informed Executives.

Leadership Workhops.

Establishing the pro-forma of your agile and digitally transformed business. Typicaly 4 hours. Other lengths by arrangement.

Service #2 Chief Agile Officer


Deliverable: Agile expert executive driving your transformation and accountable for business and mission results.

Chief Agile Officer rental executives.

We install a seasoned agile executive with a proven track record of investor success and HR documented increase in talent retention and recruit-ability increase. Billed monthly, other lengths by arrangement.

Service #3 Training and Teams Launch


Deliverable: Fast, low risk, happy teams.

Certified and Licensed training, team launches. A transformed company is practiced, calm, trained, energized, and focused. Our rollout of training and team launches creates the delivery teams required to delight investors, customers, leaders, and the teams themselves. Typically 2 days to 1 week engagements, 15 people minimum, thousands of people with adequate live Audio and Video.